Amsterdam Roses
Amsterdam Roses

Amsterdam Coral Roses 50 / 75 / 100 / 200 stems

Amsterdam roses are a bright coral color with a large head that opens nicely with plenty of petals. They are a good choice for many occasions and can represent happiness, desire, and excitement.

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Over 80% of the wholesale standard roses used in the United States are imported from some of the world's best growing regions in the mountains of Colombia and Ecuador. Equatorial sunshine, long days, and cool nights help roses grow in the rich, volcanic soil producing the long, sturdy stems and larger heads for which these roses are famous. They are widely used for wedding flowers, special events, fund-raisers and other floral decor.
Roses from Colombia and Equador have a long vase life when properly cared for. Generally longer stems mean slightly larger rose heads, but not always.

Stem Length and Uses:
The 16-inch (40cm) roses are are the shortest roses. Shorter stems make these roses ideal in arrangements where stem length is not an issue. 
The 20-inch (50cm) wholesale roses from Colombia and Ecuador are our most popular size. Their longer stems and larger heads make them ideal for all arrangements and bouquets. 
The 24-inch (60cm) wholesale roses are the favorite of retail flower ships for use as "long-stemmed" roses.
The 28-inch (70cm) roses are for when your requirements are for a longer stem or even larger head size. 

Packing: Roses come in bunches of 25 carefully packed stems. Within each bunch, the roses are packed in two layers for protection during shipping. From a top angle, it may appear that you only have 12 stems in the bunch. However, the remaining 13 roses are in the layer below. Each bunch consists of the same color and variety rose. Stem length refers to the shortest stem in the bunch.

Prices: are subject to change due to market conditions, especially fuel surcharges due to the volatility of oil prices. These prices are not available at least four weeks before Valentine's or Mother's Day.

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