SCAM ALERT!!!!!SCAM ALERT!!!!!Brandon Bumbalow is posing as a contractor, and says he owns the company FIVE STAR landscaping and construction.

There is very little online about BRANDON BUMBALOW, if thats even his real name. That is why i published this page. I'm hoping to help anyone who attempts to do business with this scammer.

He RUINED my garage doors, driveway and windows. His worker just randomly "touched up" my garage doors, which are enamel. Latex paint on enamel DOES NOT COME OFF. I now have to spend $2,500 to replace my 5 year old garage doors.

He took my money ($4,200) and never came back and completed the job. RUN AWAY FROM THIS GUY. There is paint overspray ALL OVER MY PROPERTY  (see photos below) .

I do not recommend this guy at all. RUN, DONT WALK. RUN AWAY FROM BRANDON BUMBALOW. 

He resurfaced my driveway, said it had a 4 year warranty. Within ONE WEEK it was cracked, and the "coating" basically started to WASH AWAY after two days of rain, exposing the old concrete (see photos below).

He LIES constantly. He told me some bullshit story about his supposed pregnant wife being in the maternity ward of a hospital that does not even have a maternity ward. Also some other bullshit about his wife being med flighted to another hospital. I'm not even sure if he has a wife and 3 or 4 kids that he said he had.

He said he was a neighbor of mine initially, which was a complete lie. He supposedly lives in ANOTHER TOWN (Norman, OK--I live in OKC, OKC).

Does not follow through with anything he says. Scammed other people with an auto parts company called Nationwide_gear_works on Instagram, and another Auto paint and dent repair. Here are the links...

Feel free to call or text me at 405-306-1066 to discuss anything about this guy.